Development Centres

Every development process designed by us is unique to meet the particular requirements of each situation. This recognises that some situations, such as promotional scenarios, demand a highly structured, rigorous assessment process to clearly identify the gap between current and optimum performance. At other times a more relaxed, reflective environment is needed in order to encourage self and peer assessment along with supportive, coaching-style input from the facilitators. Our experience and independence allows us to precisely match the development process to the needs of the client and participant.

Our centres are unique, developed around Positive Psychology principles: using bespoke exercises and expert facilitators to explore and develop the strengths of individuals and teams for the benefit of the whole organisation. We encourage participants to act as assessors to themselves and one another. Participants review their own performance and give facilitated feedback to one another.

Learning is also enhanced by one to one support from our expert development coaches. They provide honest, objective and sometimes challenging feedback on performance.

The result is a clear plan of where and how the leader needs to develop. We always ask ‘what next?’ as part of the process, working with clients to define the required follow-up actions. Successful follow up has included one to one coaching, board development workshops, six-monthly progress reviews, support credit systems and follow-up reminders of commitments made.

“I found the (centre) both personally demanding/draining but also incredibly helpful”
Participant on civil-service development centre