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All about us – Rachel Frost Ltd

RFL has been a leading supplier of assessment, wellbeing and development services for over twenty years.

Our experience and track record gives us a privileged insight into the issues organisations face in selecting the best people, and developing them as the business and world climate changes.

Expertise, objectivity and integrity are key to RFL’s success. Our core team of consultants are all Chartered Occupational Psychologists with many years’ experience working across a range of industries and sectors. We use the most reliable, current tools and techniques to expertly identify each individual’s personal, interpersonal, intellectual style and effectiveness.

An accurate personality profile informs all manner of business decisions and helps individuals play to their strengths for maximum gain in the workplace. Our Psychologists provide one to one executive coaching and other facilitated events to support individuals and teams in their growth.

Whilst always remaining impartial, we work in partnership with our clients to add value from within the organisation.

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