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Executive assessment and Leadership assessment

There are many factors besides experience to consider when assessing individuals for an executive, senior or specialist position. These include the “personality fit” with other team members, leadership skills required, equality and diversity issues within the organisation, as well as the technical knowledge required. Our expertise and experience help simplify the complex process of executive candidate selection.

Our occupational psychologists are highly experienced at carrying out in-depth personality assessments on a one-to-one basis using psychometric tools and interviewing techniques for measuring leadership potential. We assess an individual’s capabilities and qualities using a full range of psychometric testing and personality testing, including the dark side and personality derailer tools, all undertaken with adherence to data protection regulations and transparency for the candidates.

To aid with decision-making, clients are provided with independent, in-depth reports summarising candidate’s likely effectiveness in the role. The reports also summarise candidates’ performance on all psychometric measurements undertaken.

In addition to assessing general management skills, our psychologists are also experts at assessing candidates’ ability to perform specialist roles. The process starts with a thorough understanding of the role requirements, necessary qualifications and experience required. We then recommend suitable psychometric instruments, or if necessary, design assessment exercises that specifically measure candidates’ specialist capabilities, as well as their intellectual, interpersonal and personal qualities, including resilience.

Case Study

A considerable amount of our work involves acting as professional advisors to public bodies on senior recruitment exercises and we have contracted Rachel Frost Ltd’s services to provide occupational testing in a number of senior recruitment exercises in the justice sector in recent years.  We have always found the organisation very easy to work with, and most importantly, the insights that Rachel has brought to the process regarding candidates has been really invaluable.  I would not hesitate to recommend Rachel Frost Ltd to anyone seeking psychometric/leadership assessment.  – Heads together consultancy Ltd, with offices in London and Belfast.

    The panel said the Psychologist was excellent and provided really good value which helped the panel immensely in reaching their outcome and asked me to thank you specifically.

    SCS Recruitment and Public Appointments

    Rachel has provided invaluable guidance and advice for our hiring process. Quite often it is difficult finding the talent required for a role, but Rachel’s skills & knowledge have helped us repeatedly identify the best talent fit for our company.

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