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Employment and injury at work expert witness

Employment Expert Witness and Expert Adviser Services

Rachel provides independent, impartial and unbiased evidence to courts and tribunals on matters relating to an individual’s employment suitability. She is appointed as a Single Joint Expert to the court/tribunal, an Expert Adviser to one of the parties or a Party Appointed Expert on employment matters including:

  • The use of psychometric testing, artificial intelligence, interviews, personality profiles and other selection methods by organisations when making selection decisions.
  • The suitability of career options for individuals in divorce and injury cases.
  • The interpersonal, personal and intellectual demands made of an individual in the workplace, including in bullying and intimidation cases.
  • The accuracy of assessments made by individuals and organisations when assessing individual’s suitability for internal roles.

    We have reviewed your report and the chairperson has asked me to express her thanks for an excellent job.

    Report written by Rachel in relation to a high profile potentially corrupt appointment

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