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British Psychological Society Qualifications in Psychometric Test Use 2022

We are often asked how BPS Qualifications in Test Use relate to the former Level A and Level B Qualifications in Test Use. Prior to 2011 the BPS qualifications in psychometric test use, widely referred to as Level A and Level B, consisted of three certificates in total. The foundation level was officially called ‘Test […]

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”We were thrilled that Rachel was included in an article appearing in The Drawdown publication in July 2022″

Role call: occupational psychologist by Krystal Scanlon18 July 2022 Private equity has always been a people business. However, attention is increasingly turning to the minds behind the investment returns. If those individuals can consistently perform at the top of their game, it will equate to better deals and stronger business performance overall. Against this emerging […]

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British Psychological Society Division of Coaching Psychology

RFL is delighted that the BPS now recognises Coaching as a distinct specialism of Psychology rather than a subskill of other psychology disciplines.  The Division of Coaching Psychology was formally voted in by members in July 2021, making Coaching Psychologist a profession in its own right.  Rachel is proud to have been amongst the first […]

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RFL website competition

We think Neil of LAN support has done a great job refreshing these pages and introducing our new services and products. We would love your feedback.  As an incentive, the first person to spot 5 new additions to this website win a special prize.  Drop us a line with your entry.

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Training courses now available remotely

All our training courses and workshops are now available virtually as an alternative to our very popular physical and distance learning courses. Feedback from these has been overwhelmingly positive, with delegates loving the extra flexibility and accessibility that the remote courses offered during the pandemic.

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NEO P1-3 Conversion Course Dates

  Aug 26th Sept 30th Oct 21st Nov 18th Dec 9th     2023 dates Jan 16th Feb 24th Mar 17th April 21st May 12th Jun 2nd Jul 28th Aug 11th Sept 29th Oct 20th Nov 3rd Dec 1st

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Launching The Big Five Personality Questionnaire for purchase

We are delighted to now offer the BFPQ to qualified associates and partners for use in their own assessments. We developed the personality questionnaire in 2012 to incorporate everything we valued about other Big Five tools in one instrument. Now that we have analysed BFPQ results from well over 1000 personality assessments we know that […]

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