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British Psychological Society Qualifications in Psychometric Test Use 2024

We are often asked how BPS Qualifications in Test Use relate to the former Level A and Level B Qualifications in Test Use.

Prior to 2011 the BPS qualifications in psychometric test use, widely referred to as Level A and Level B, consisted of three certificates in total. The foundation level was officially called ‘Test Administration Certificate’ (TAC), the second ‘Level A Certificate of Competence in Ability Testing’ and the third ‘Level B Certificate of Competence in Personality Assessment’. To gain Level A it was necessary to first gain the TAC and Level A was required to then gain Level B. Once gained, these qualifications lasted indefinitely.

In 2011 the BPS bought in a new system of qualification for test use. Qualified test users are now required to register with the new Register of Qualification in Test Use (RQTU) and maintain their registration on an annual basis.

Details about all the qualifications ca be found on our website.  In summary the BPS qualifications in Test Use now consist of three qualifications as follows:

BPS Test User, Assistant Test User (ATU)

BPS Test User, Occupational Personality (TUOP)

BPS Test User, Occupational Ability (TUOA)

A qualification in Assistant Test Use (ATU) is necessary to obtain either of the other two but TUOP and TUOA are standalone qualifications and not interrelated as Level A and Level B were.

You can check whether you are registered for psychometric test use by looking at www.ptc.bps.org.uk, Register of Qualifications in Test Use and then ‘Search the RQTU’. Here you can enter your name and see if you are listed. If not, you can see if you are eligible to register (it must be less than 12 months since you last registered) by looking at ‘join the RQTU’ section.

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