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Remote Personality Profiling to influence and motivate

It is not always possible to meet with the person our clients need a personality profile for.  They might have a meeting or negotiation coming up with a potential client or need to understand how best to build relationships or influence an individual. Alternatively, they might be considering going into business or partnership with someone. RFL undertakes remote profiling of individuals on behalf of private clients for a range of purposes.  Using our expertise in personality profiling, along with publicly available information we build a tailored and in-depth understanding of an individual. These insights are typically used as part of the due diligence process to quickly establish strong, effective business relationships. Factors about an individual explored in a remote profile could include,

  • The bright and dark side of their personality
  • What motivates an individual
  • How best to communicate with an individual
  • What causes an individual stress and how they exhibit stress
  • How to bring someone round to a particular mind set
  • What an individual’s priorities and concerns are likely to be
  • Their interpersonal and leadership style

    RFL is of considerable value on many of our assignments, but also more widely for example as a support in deal making when we want to know how best to negotiate with a particular individual or group or handle a person on a specific issue.

    Client who regularly uses RFL ‘s remote personality profiling service.

    Thanks again for these excellent profiles – the client has found them extremely useful and is building them into their engagement strategy.

    Client who regularly uses RFL ‘s remote personality profiling service.

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