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NEO PI-3 Training Course – Hogrefe Accredited Training

Aims and objectives

This popular one-day masterclass is designed for people experienced in using personality questionnaires other than the NEO PI-3, with the concept and scales underlying this five factor tool.  The NEO PI-3 is internationally recognised as the ‘gold standard’ instrument with which to measure personality.  It can be used across a broad range of occupations and is particularly suited for middle to senior management assessments where a comprehensive description of temperament and behavioural style is required for informed selection, internal promotion and individual development decisions.

On successful completion of the course, delegates are certified to purchase and use the NEO family of tests.

About the NEO Personality Inventory

The NEO PI-3 is a detailed measure of business-related personality traits describing personality across five broad domains and thirty underlying facets.  The 240-item questionnaire is available in an online format, where users can access the results as an automatically-produced, detailed narrative report.  A paper and pencil version NEO PI-3 is available.

The high amount of detail gained from the questionnaire provides a platform for substantial investigation into an individual’s behavioural style and temperament.  The five broad domains measured are Extraversion; Negative Emotion; Openness to Experience; Agreeableness and Conscientiousness.  The five-factor model delivers informed data applicable to working style, leadership style, team style, training needs, conflict resolution, decision-making style and stress management.

Course Content

Our courses are highly individualised, run in small numbers and place emphasis on the practical use of the NEO PI-3, using ‘real life’ volunteer candidates on which to carry out the practical coursework.

Course Outline

Our trainers, who have many years’ experience in using the NEO family of tests in practical situations, cover:

  • An overview of personality and the different personality theories.
  • Background information about the NEO, including its history and development.
  • Information on the different types of tests within the NEO family.
  • Problems to look for in personality testing.
  • How to administer the test, including how to score and mark the NEO and detailed test procedures to be followed.
  • How to interpret the test results.
  • How to prepare and provide the verbal and written feedback on an individual’s test results.

Course materials

All course materials are included in the course fee. The public course includes a complimentary NEO PI-3 UK Edition Professional Manual.

Course Assessment

In order to gain certification, delegates must complete written and practical coursework. This includes assessment of the delegate’s performance on practical areas, such as:

  • How the test administration was carried out, such as provision of instructions.
  • Carrying out the verbal feedback to the candidate and how information from the NEO test was linked to this feedback.

Please note that this course requires delegates to hold a minimum of a Personality certificate. If you don’t currently have a TUOP certificate, we offer options for training in both Test User Occupational Ability and Personality.

Choose the course format that suits you best

In-house course (1 day) – Please contact us for details about pricing.

  • Between four and six delegates trained at a time.
  • Convenient and cost effective.
  • Courses are adapted for organisational requirements.
  • Total immersion in the subject.

Public course (1 day) £505 + VAT (per person)

  • Total immersion in the subject, away from the distractions of the office.
  • Opportunity to share views and ideas with delegates from other organisations.
  • Please contact us directly for information regarding current distance learning options.

Please contact us on 0203 912 7949 or email info@rachelfrost.co.uk to request a course booking form


    Rachel's style, pitching of the material, and feedback was superb. Well worth the investment.

    NEO course delegate

    Thanks so much for the training. I totally enjoyed the process and learnt a lot!

    Head of Department – People & Organisations

    I feel confident to use the tool and found Rachel’s input and the course slides very helpful.

    Certainly a great experience with an excellent teacher. I enjoyed every bit of it.

    I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say 'thank you' for the wonderful learning experience on Friday.  I really enjoyed spending time with you Rachel and, of course, learning about NEO! Wish all learning experiences were as good

    Zakeera Vidler

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