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Building remote teams

Our development coaches and facilitators work with teams to help them overcome obstacles and focus on achieving shared objectives. Open and honest dialogue is encouraged under clearly defined guidance. Our facilitators are called upon to guide team events, whether for team building purposes or to focus attention on delivery issues.

Our coaching psychologists facilitate sessions to help teams identify barriers to effective progress and ways to overcome these. Follow up action is always agreed with roles and responsibilities to achieve this. This may involve working up individual action plans for each member or development work for the group to undertake together.

Our psychological expertise means we can help teams better understand themselves and their colleagues’ personalities. We then facilitate discussions and role plays to help them understand how to strengthen their team dynamics and minimise conflicts within the team.

Case Study

Rachel also provided support on return to the office by designing and facilitating classroom training ‘Identifying and Making the Most of Individual and Team Personalities’.

These workshops enabled new teams to come together, understand the strengths of each other’s personalities, and realise how to utilise these strengths in the work environment.

Once again, the feedback and information from the session was invaluable and has allowed a smooth return to the office. – ITC Secure

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